Testimonials for our roofing services in Pittsburgh, PA

We have built our reputation by delivering only top quality services to our customers in Pittsburgh, PA at reasonable prices. We have helped hundreds of people with their house restoration needs and we have never failed! Below you can read some of the reviews that our clients wrote about us.

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Really effective.


Everything which I wanted was done fast and with quality. They are nice friendly people. I recommend this company to everybody who needs roofing services in the area of Pittsburgh.

5 star


Nice job!It was a pleasure to make business with you. Highly recommend!

Leaking roof/chimney flashing


I called Gerorge to get a free estimate on a roof leak. He showed up promptly at 9am on the day I was available and was quickly up on the roof taking pictures on his phone so I could see where the leaks were. He gave me a fare price and patched the roof on the spot. He was very professional and I will be calling him again for future projects.



Called Keller's contracting about a leaking roof.He arrived the next day to inspect the roof. Since his price was in the area of my budget I decided to have his company do the repair.Very professional and did the work as stated.Satisfied glad chose I his company after talking with other roofers.

Quality of Work


I've dealt with countless contractors, but none have come close to getting the job done in a timely fashion combined with superior attention to detail. And George was Very pleasant to work with.



As a stay at home mother to my 6 - year old little girl, it is imperative that she and I feel comfortable with any/everyone who comes into my house. That being said, we love George and his crew!

Our house desperately needed some renovations, so I called Keller\'s Contracting. George Keller (owner) answered the phone and took the time to speak with me for a few minutes, even though he sounded super busy. I quickly explained what needed to be fixed and said that I\'d text him with my information so that he could call me later in the day, and he did.

We set up a date and time to meet at the house, and he showed up on time, bright and early. After meeting and explaining the potential renovating projects (indoor & outdoor), we gave George a tour of the house and started discussing the order in which we wanted to proceed with the renovations. We all agreed to first address the various problems in our 2nd floor bathroom.

So the work began. George came with a few other guys and started going to work on the second floor. My daughter met \'Mr. Keller\' and later on that day, informed me that she \'likes the guys fixing the bathroom\'. People say it takes a village to raise a child....definitely helps to have a contractor in my village...for sure! Since all the guys are respectful, courteous, and quite comical at times, the atmosphere in the house was always upbeat and comfortable, to the point where I (and even my daughter) missed them when they weren\'t working.

Although Keller\'s Contracting is officially classified as a \'general contracting company\', I\'ve told George to include \'childcare/children\'s vocational program\' as another service they provide. My daughter loves to paint and enjoys working with her hands, and after one of her many \"chats\" with George, he asked me if she could paint a portion in the bathroom. My daughter was super excited and couldn\'t wait to paint. I appreciated his matter-of-fact way of asking me before saying anything to my daughter...just in case I had an issue about it, and it just added to my already high opinion of George Keller.

Now I grew up with an Indian mother who always felt the need to feed everyone that stepped foot into our house, which might\'ve seemed a bit strange to some people, but I thought it was awesome! She would ask whomever was working in our house to sit down at lunchtime and would make them eat. Although I am not nearly as accomplished a chef as she, I still love the opportunity to \'test out\' my recipes on hungry and willing (and brave) test subjects....in my case, George and his crew. After relentlessly asking George if I could prepare lunch for him and his crew, he finally said yes. I was so excited to make lasagna for everyone and when it was time to eat, George told everyone to stop doing what they were doing and come to the kitchen because I had prepared lunch for them. When they all sat down, George asked me to join them, but I was too excited to eat and knew I would get much more pleasure from serving lunch to them. They ate so well, put their dishes in the sink, and even asked a couple of times if they could help clean or put stuff away. Of course I said no, but the fact that they were polite enough to ask really meant a lot to me.

Roof Repair


I called George for roof repairs. He was at my home in ten minutes. He went on my roof and showed me pictures of what needed done and quoted a more than reasonable price. George and his staff are kind and forthright.

Excellent Roof Repair


George and his crew just finished with some roofing repairs to our home. We found an interior leak and called his company right away. He responded very quickly (less than one day), found and photo-documented problems that I did not know about, and fixed them within a span of hours. He was professional and courteous throughout the process, and explained everything he was doing in detail. His pricing was very fair and consistent with his estimate. I highly recommend Keller's Contracting for any job in Pittsburgh.

Prompt roof repair


George personally answered my call, arranged to inspect my leaking roof the next morning, then rearranged his schedule to repair the roof the following morning before another rain storm. He provided two fair estimates/options and did not push for the more expensive repair. They were fast, professional and affordable. Thanks!

Very happy with George and his crew


The day George came to my house to assess our roof I new the job would be done to perfection. He and his crew climbed up on my roof in seconds to look at the job took pictures and inspected my entire roof ( which is a actually a large condo building) and let me know what needed to be done. I know because I watched them work. Very professional and we are all very pleased. Thanks George you and your team. Great job.

5.0 46 Easily the best roofing contractors I have worked with! From their great client care to the quality of their work and their fair rates, I am very satisfied with your services! Next