Avail Our Dependable Roofing Contractor Services

Roofer workAre you looking for roofing contractors for your home or building in Pittsburgh, PA? Then you should rely on Keller's Contracting LLC for your roofing projects. We have done thousands of them throughout the city for many years. Listed below are some of the roofing services you can avail from us:

  • Roofing Installation – You can rely on us to install your new roofing shingles and materials. We can make roofs of various shapes and sizes while following local regulations. We only use the finest products throughout the installation. You can let us suggest various material options suited for your project needs. We handle them using professional-grade tools for the trade. This, along with our expertise, ensures you to have a solid, seamless roof.

  • Roofing Repair – Experiencing ceiling leaks? Missing some roof shingles after the passing storm? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate roof repairs. As we would when installing new roofs, we also bring top-grade equipment for our repair projects. Also, we have made cost-effective repair solutions during our business experience. Thus, you can expect reliable repair work with long-lasting quality.

  • Roofing Maintenance – Scheduled roof maintenance is another roofing service we offer. If you have no means to inspect your roof or are too busy, then let us do the work for you. You can hire us to inspect and clean your roof throughout the year. We do so in a meticulous manner to detect and resolve issues right away. Avail our service for regular maintenance so that you can keep your roof in top condition for a long time.

You can depend on Keller's Contracting LLC for your roofing projects Pittsburgh, PA. What makes us a step above other roofing contractors is assuring customer satisfaction. We do so with quality craftsmanship and professional attitude. We also provide other services for both homes and commercial structures. For service schedules and inquires, call us right now at (412) 960-4685.