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Is your roof showing signs of leaks? Do you need a professional to install a roof but don’t know who to hire? When in need of a residential roofing company, Keller's Contracting LLC is the right choice for you! Roofing is a costly and dangerous endeavor. Considering this, you don’t want an amateur for the task. You need a professional who can give you the best roof money can buy!

In order to pursue roofing, one needs to have the knowledge and experience. As an average homeowner, you can DIY but the outcome might be less than expected. Our team of professionals has over five years of experience and accumulated knowledge to perform roofing services. With our expertise, you won’t have any regrets for your roof installation and repair!

Being a dangerous task, roofing needs a roofer who is aware of their surroundings. If you aren’t conscious of the work area, you could potentially fall and suffer injuries. Moreover, you might damage the structure of your home if you, a tile, or a shingle falls during the process. To avoid accidents, best leave it to the professionals.

Despite the impeccable professional service we provide, we know you’re worried about the cost which is quite understandable since roofing is a costly project. But as a roofer in Pittsburgh, PA, we make sure our prices are competitive by constantly checking the roofing industry. So if you’re in the area, you can rest easy knowing we provide quality service at affordable rates.

Being an established roofing company in the local community of Pittsburgh, PA, we depend on referrals to spread our reputation. We go the extra mile for our clients to ensure our business stays strong and reliable in the area where we provide our services. We even provide roofing tips to help our customers maintain a roof that can last for a long time.

Make Keller's Contracting LLC your roofing contractor today! For more information about our rates and services, dial (412) 960-4685. We would be delighted to assist you.