Painting Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA

Are there rooms of your home that need painting in Pittsburgh, PA?

Do your ceilings need to be painted? Does the outside of your home need painting? Do you have some small home repairs that you also need done? Would you rather hire a painting contractor to do the work for you and save you the hassle? Have you thought about hiring a reliable company such as Keller's Contracting LLC? Did you know that our company is known in the Pittsburgh, PA area for our superior work?

Keller's Contracting LLC is a full service painting company. Our workers specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, staining and painting cabinets, staining and painting window sills, staining and painting decks, staining and painting fences, pressure washing, installing and removing wallpaper, hanging and repairing drywall.

Exterior painters from Keller's Contracting LLC

Keller's Contracting LLC works with both residential and commercial property owners in the Pittsburgh, PA area. We specialize in new custom homes, remodels and in a variety of restoration projects. We also are trained in some light repairing jobs, especially repairing jobs that involve residential homes such as: hanging doors, installing cabinets, installing new windows or screens, repairing decks and porches, replacing gutters and replacing siding. These jobs can be completed along with any painting needs a customer may have.

Keller's Contracting LLC takes pride in the fact that our staff is filled with trained and honest workers. These workers are not part-time college students. These are fully trained painting and repairing experts. These workers are given a full background check before they are hired. They are fully insured and bonded, before they ever step foot onto a customer’s property. This is to help protect both the customer and the worker.

Keller's Contracting LLC is known in the Pittsburgh, PA area for our helpful and friendly staff. Our staff has helped many local home owners get a higher selling price for their homes. We give home owners free estimates and examples on simple home repairs that could make their home worth more money. Many times this would include painting or staining outside decks, painting kitchens and bathrooms. The estimates given by Keller's Contracting LLC are always reasonable and fair ones. This is one reason why many customers will choose to hire, Keller's Contracting LLC as their contractor. The customers are pleased with our prices and know that we have a reputation in the Pittsburgh, PA area for our high quality improvement work ethics and our determination to meet deadlines.

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