How to Hang Wallpaper in 8 Steps

Your Home Improvement Can Also Include a Fancy Side

Equipment needed:

  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Large, flat working surface (e.g. a table)
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Pasting brush
  • Utility knife
  • Wallpaper brush

Step 1 to 8

Rolls of wallpaper by ladder

Before you start this home improvement project make sure your wall is clean and prepared.

  • Always start in the corner. Measure out the width of the paper and then, using a spirit level, draw a straight line down the wall.
  • Measure and cut the first part of the wallpaper starting from the ceiling, and gently rolling it to the floor. Make sure it lines up with the vertical line you have drawn.
  • Place the wallpaper on your working surface. Apply the paper paste on the back of the wallpaper using the pasting brush. Make sure all the paper area is covered with the paste.
  • Fold the paper so you can paste the bottom edges. Fold it from the upper edge down to the middle with the paste sides touching. Then repeat with the bottom end of the paper. After that, fold the two ends against each other. Leave the paper so the paste can activate, according to the manufacturers instructions.
  • To hang the wallpaper, start with the ceiling, and unfold the top half carefully. Place the side edge of the paper alongside the marked line. Drop the bottom half and gently, smooth the wallpaper against the wall, starting from the center removing all bubbles outwards at the edge. Smooth out any bubbles from the paper using the wallpaper brush.
  • Using a straight edge, such as a pudding knife, press the paper against the skirting board and then cut the excess paper, by using the utility knife.
  • For the second sheet, you must make sure you match the patch end of it with the first. Make sure you also match the pattern of the paper. And make a slight tear of the paper, where it meets the ceiling, and the skirting board.


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